Working Papers

Concealed Carry Laws and Fatal Police Encounters (job market paper)

Presentations: American Economic Association meetings (2020), Southern Economic Association (2019)

This paper explores the effect of concealed carry laws on violence during police encounters. I study the staggered rollout of: (1) right-to-carry (RTC) laws allowing qualified citizens to carry concealed weapons, and (2) permitless carry (PC) laws, which requires no permits. Under both RTC and PC, non-fatal assaults of officers increase. Yet, only under PC laws do fatal shootings of suspects rise–disproportionately affecting minorities–and fewer police are killed in action. Gun laws affect the risk that police face and importantly affect the ultimate outcomes of police encounters.

Work in Progress

“Recreational Marijuana Laws, Police Performance, and Racial Disparities”

Presentations: Southern Economic Association (2020)

“Recreational Marijuana Laws, Inmate Composition, and Recidivism”

Effect of Right-to-carry and Permitless carry on crime”

Police Violence and Crime”, with Felipe Diaz, Jennifer Doleac, and Kelsey Pukelis

The Politics of Mass Shootings: The effect of mass shootings on candidate endorsement, position, campaign messaging and vote share, with Evangelos Constantinou and Felipe Diaz

The effect of childbirth on household purchases, with Rebecca Thornton