Anna Kyriazis


Work in Progress

"Do concealed carry laws affect police shootings?"

Abstract: This paper sheds light on the consequences of concealed carry laws on police shootings. Using data on fatal police shootings from two different sources and a difference-in- differences approach, this paper finds that: when a state adopts Right-to-Carry (RTC) laws, which allow citizens who meet state requirements to carry concealed weapons, the rate of people fatally shot by police officers decreases by 3.6%, which is attributed to a decrease in police interactions with the public, measured by the rate of arrests. Switching from RTC to Permitless Carry (PC), which does not require a permit to carry a concealed gun, increases the rate of people fatally shot by police by 5.2%. This effect is due to the fact that citizens considered unqualified under RTC can carry concealed weapons under PC, increasing the risk that police officers face when interacting with the public.

"The Politics of Shootings: The effect of mass shootings on candidate endorsement, position, campaign messaging and vote share", with Evangelos Constantinou

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